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Ice Level: Will Alexander Semin fit with the Canadiens?

Ice Level returns for a fourth season with Andrew Berkshire, Conor McKenna, and Robyn Flynn. Prepare your ears for the explosive, ridiculous, new episode of the Level, of Ice.

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Remember when we had Arpon Basu on Ice Level before we took our vacation and we asked him about the possibility of Alexander Semin signing with the Montreal Canadiens? The way we all reacted looks especially funny nowadays.

Semin represents one of two moves Marc Bergevin made to address the Canadiens' lack of goal scoring last year, with the other being Zack Kassian. Will either player make a big enough impact to make the Habs a contender?

Another question facing the Canadiens is whether they'll enter the season with a captain after a full season without one. Bergevin has been cagey about the need for a captain at all, but two straight seasons would be a weird occurrance for any NHL team, let alone the Habs. If the Canadiens do name a captain, who should it be?

Finally, what are we looking forward to most this season? What teams catch our interest heading into the 2015-16 season?