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Ice Level: Which Habs impressed at the rookie tournament?

Robyn is back with us this week as we delve into the first actual hockey games of the training camp schedule, and the NHL's new rules and regulations.

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Finally, finally, there was hockey played last weekend. For the first time since June, the Montreal Canadiens' jersey was flapping in the wind as the designated rookies took on teams from Pittsburgh, Toronto, and Ottawa. Not everyone was able to watch the games due to lack of streaming online, but Conor McKenna was there, and he'll give us his impressions of who stood out, and how the Canadiens' rookies stood up to the competition.

The Canadiens have invited Tomas Fleischmann to their training camp on a professional tryout, will he make the team? And if so, how does that change the team dynamic? We discuss it.

We also have super-analyst Jen LC/@RegressedPDO on the podcast tonight, who we'll be talking to about how the Blackhawks will respond to their restructuring, and the future of analytics.

Finally, the NHL has instituted a spotter system for concussions, employing people in the arena to report back when they believe a player shows symptoms of a concussion. Will this work? Does it even make sense?