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Ice Level: Brendan Gallagher misses the point in Caitlyn Jenner

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After a week off, Andrew, Conor, and Robyn have a ton to talk about.

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Brendan Gallagher caused a twitter firestorm by retweeting a bigot on twitter talking about Caitlyn Jenner winning an award for courage in sports, and reacted poorly to criticism. We'll break it all down.

The Chicago Blackhawks and Tampa Bay Lightning are your Stanley Cup finalists, two of the most entertaining, offensive-minded teams in the NHL. It promises to be one of the best final rounds in years, and the Ice Level crew is here to break it down and predict a winner.

Are statistics ruining the romance of the game? A common complaint about analytics is that they take away some of the great narratives written about the sport, replacing it with cold facts, and little room for the love of the game. A recent article out of Vancouver asserted as much, but is it a legitimate gripe?

Finally, we're almost at free agency season, and the Montreal Canadiens obviously have work to do. Who should they be thinking about bringing on? What are the priorities? Tell us what you'd like to see them do in the comments.