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Ice Level: Mike Babcock will coach the Toronto Maple Leafs

Oh, you thought Ice Level was taking a break? You thought wrong. We're back and starting up a new season.

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The Montreal Canadiens headed into the offseason a little earlier than expected, and though we were extremely unimpressed with both how they went out, and Marc Bergevin's year-end presser, now is the time to look forward. What do the Canadiens need to do to get better? We'll try to answer this question.

Shifting gears from the Habs, as of May 19th the media reported that the Toronto Maple Leafs were out of the running for Mike Babcock. Then on May 20th close to noon it was announced that Mike Babcock would be the new head coach of the Leafs on a record-shattering contract. Remember when Toronto was completely incompetent and arrogant about it to boot? Those were fun times. We're talked to Steve Dangle about it.