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Ice Level: No longer a team in transition

The Canadiens have been eliminated from the playoffs, and the excuses are starting to roll in, and the Ice Level panel is here to tell dissect them for you.

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In the Season Two finale of Ice Level, it's time to break down the 2014-15 Montreal Canadiens' season.

We'll start out with Marc Bergevin's press conference from Friday morning, which was odd in pretty much every way. What does it mean when he says he's not sure if Alex Galchenyuk will ever be a center? Should Habs fans be getting worried?

With the Canadiens being eliminated at the hands of the Tampa Bay Lightning, it's time to break down what went wrong for them and why they're watching on TV instead of playing. Carey Price took blame for losing the series in his media availability, but how much should he really shoulder?

The question that's on the lips of most fans of the Canadiens at this moment is whether this team will ever be good enough to be a true contender for the Stanley Cup. What would they need to add in order to get there? What's holding them back?