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2015 NHL Playoff predictions on Ice Level

The real season is upon us, and the Ice Level crew breaks down the upcoming first round of the NHL playoffs.

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On Wednesday evening at 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time, the best time of the year is upon us. Nothing is better than the first round of the NHL playoffs, and we're here to break it all down for you.

We'll break down the first round matchup for the Montreal Canadiens, their keys to a long playoff run, and how they can beat the Ottawa Senators.

We'll also be bringing in former Senators blogger and current TSN analytics writer Travis Yost to break down the Sens' system and how he sees the series shaking down.

After that, Conor, Robyn, and I will get to the rest of the league, deciding which series is most interesting, potential upsets, and who we think is going to the Stanley Cup Finals.