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Ice Level: Is Carey Price hiding an injury?

On this episode of Ice Level, we break down why the Canadiens can't seem to beat the Lightning, and ask whether Carey Price is hiding an injury.

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After a collision with P.K. Subban this week, there is significant worry that Carey Price is injured and playing through it, stoked by a vine posted by TMZ-style site 25Stanley. Could the Montreal Canadiens survive without Price? It's a scary subject.

Putting aside injury concerns, we bring on Jamie McLennan to explain how good Price has actually been this season, what's driving his success. We also ask Jamie if Price's lack of success against the Tampa Bay Lightning is something to be worried about.

Continuing with the Lightning, the Habs have a real problem there heading into the playoffs, and comments after the game by Max Pacioretty have been appropriated by certain sections of the media to create controversy.

Closing out, the Hockey News has suggested that the Pittsburgh Penguins should trade Sidney Crosby for the first overall pick in the upcoming draft, are they completely off their rocker, or is there some merit to it?