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Ice Level Season 2: The comeback!

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Conor McKenna, Andrew Berkshire, and Robyn Flynn get the band back together for the rebirth of Ice Level.

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Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

We're finally back at it with the first episode of the second season of Ice Level, which you can subscribe to on Soundcloud right now, and we'll be up on iTunes hopefully before the second episode.

Conor Mckenna, Robyn Flynn, and I discussed how this podcast will be different than what we used to do, how much we'll miss the infamous Thai chicken pizza, whether or not Dale Weise is truly a top-six forward, whether or not Tomas Plekanec will ever get respect as a Selke Trophy nominee, what to expect of the Montreal Canadiens at the trade deadline, whether goalies like Carey Price should be eligible for the Hart Trophy, and more!