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Ice Level: Craziness without Carey

With Carey Price and Brendan Gallagher out, it looks like Michel Therrien has employed his patented line blender, even though the team has been playing well.

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After a three week absence, Carey Price returned to the Montreal Canadiens' lineup after Mike Condon spotted opponents three straight 3-0 leads early in games. After three straight starts where Price looked off at best, Price aggravated his injury and is now out for a minimum of six weeks. How worried should Habs fans be about this?

Friend of the podcast Steve "Dangle" Glynn joins us for the first time in awhile to talk about James Reimer, Garret Sparks, and Jonathan Bernier, who was just sent down to the AHL's Toronto Marlies for a conditioning stint. Toronto Maple Leafs GM "Loophole" Lou is at it again.

After a percentages driven run to start the season that saw ridiculous production from the line of Tomas Fleischmann, David Desharnais, and Dale Weise, there had finally been some cooling off over the last few games. In response to that, Michel Therrien cannibalized his first line and reunited Desharnais and Weise with Max Pacioretty, what's going on?