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Ice Level: Can the Canadiens survive without Brendan Gallagher?

The seemingly indestructible Brendan Gallagher is out for possibly six weeks with two broken fingers, can the Canadiens survive without him?

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Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

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With Brendan Gallagher suffering two broken fingers that required surgery to repair, the Montreal Canadiens are all of a sudden a very different team. Gallagher was the team's leader in scoring chances by a significant margin, and also the best player at gaining the offensive zone. How can the Canadiens survive without him for six weeks?

Jeff Marek joins the podcast for the very first time, and we'll be talking old time hockey with him, including a historical precedent for the Flint Firebirds walking out as a team after their coach was fired.

Who is the NHL's biggest paper tiger? Are there any teams high up in the standings that look like easy outs in the playoffs? We'll debate it!