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Ice Level: If Semin won't work out, who will?

The Canadiens have once again put Alexander Semin the press box, as it seems like there's less and less of a chance that he can find a place with the team. Where can the Habs' find a replacement?

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After seven straight healthy scratches, over half a month in the press box, it took just 22 minutes over two games for Michel Therrien to decide he's had enough with Alexander Semin. The Russian forward is clearly on the outs with the Montreal Canadiens, but now the question is, who can replace him to play on Alex Galchenyuk's right wing?

One thing that Semin isn't at fault for, is that the Canadiens have been giving up a crazy amount of scoring chances this season. At even strength, only three teams have allowed more scoring chances against per minute of ice time. The Habs are also ninth in scoring chances for, so it isn't all a disaster, but how can they get their defense in order?

Finally, Guy Boucher has announced that he won't be back with SC Bern next season in Switzerland, preferring instead to come closer to family. The question now is how close is he looking to be? Where could he land in the NHL? And if he doesn't get an NHL job, what's next?