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Ice Level: Does Zack Kassian have a future with the Montreal Canadiens?

Robyn, Conor, and Andrew preview the upcoming season for the Montreal Canadiens, breaking down the biggest stories now that the preseason is over.

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The Montreal Canadiens under Marc Bergevin have been fairly devoid of off-ice controversy relative to previous regimes, but the acquisition of Zack Kassian from the Vancouver Canucks has changed that. After getting into a car accident at 6am Sunday morning (He wasn't the driver), Kassian was put into Stage 2 of the NHL's substance abuse program while in the hospital recovering from a broken nose and left foot. Does he have a future with the Habs?

With Kassian suspended, the Canadiens picked up Paul Byron on waivers from the Calgary Flames, which might actually be a heck of a smart move. At 5'7" Byron is small, but has speed to burn and drives possession very well. Is he a difference maker for the fourth line?

At that point, our podcast was eaten by velociraptors.