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Ice Level: Is Martin Reway a problem child?

A trio of talented, yet maligned players dominate the discussion on this week's Ice Level, do these guys deserve better coverage for the media, or do fans give them too much leeway?

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News out of the Czech Extraliga send fans of the Montreal Canadiens into a tizzy this week when it leaked that a days after Habs prospect Martin Reway publicly tweeted that he was starting contract negotiations with HC Sparta Praha, he had been sent down to a lower league after an altercation with the team's coach. Details out there are minimal, but we have them for you, and we'll sort out exactly what's going on.

Back in Montreal, the knives have begun to come out for Alexander Semin, who has scored just once in nine games, and appears lazy to certain viewers. Is Semin really playing all that bad? The Ice Level panel will debate it.

Another player who has seen his fair share of negative media attention, Evander Kane said in an interview that every offseason in Winnipeg he asked for a trade, leading to an avalanche of criticism for the young forward. Kane pointed out that other players have done or been accused of much worse than he has, but they don't look like he does, so they don't get the attention. Is he right?