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Ice Level: Are these Canadiens legit?

A week into the NHL season, the Ice Level crew dissects all that's happened so far. Are the Canadiens really as good as they look? We'll tell you.

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The Montreal Canadiens have jumped out to a 4-0-0 start to the season, which is surprising enough, but better than that, they've looked like an awesome team doing it. Currently second in the NHL with a 58.6% score-adjusted Corsi, the Canadiens are dominating, and putting up three or more goals every game. Can this continue? Is this finally the year for the Canadiens?

Conversely, the Boston Bruins have gone from a team many thought would still be competitive to looking like a complete disaster. Without a win to start the season, Boston has looked even worse than their record. Should they blow it all up and try to build from scratch?

Two teams everyone thought would be better this year than last year were the Los Angeles Kings and Pittsburgh Penguins, yet both teams have been awful to start the year. We talk to Sean Gentille from The Sporting News to find out if either of these teams should start panicking.