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Ice Level with Andrew Berkshire

Every Monday and Thursday at 7:30pm EST, join Andrew Berkshire and Conor McKenna as they break down the most interesting stories in hockey, while maybe talking about food a bit. Okay, we talk about food a lot.

Dave Sandford

UPDATE: Listen to the podcast!

Tonight on Ice Level, we're just a day away from the start of Canadiens rookie camp, so we'll tell you who to watch for, and which invitees are interesting. Perhaps more importantly though, we'll tell you who isn't there, and why it might be concerning going forward.

Following that breakdown, we're lucky to have Arpon Basu on the program again so soon, and we'll get him to help us put context on the career and legacy of Saku Koivu. Should his number be retired? Should any more numbers be retired ever again?

Finally, we're so close to the season, maybe we should start previewing a few teams? Travis Hughes of Broad Street Hockey and SB Nation will join us to break down the Flyers for the upcoming season. Are they doomed before it begins? Probably, but maybe not? No, they are. Maybe.

You can join in on the conversation by using the hashtag #IceLevel on twitter.

To tune into the show, click play on the embedded player, or you can find it online at Montreal Hockey Talk, listen online at Websports Media, search Montreal Hockey Talk on the TuneIn Radio app on your phone, or if you miss it live, you can listen to the podcast through iTunes.