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Ice Level with Andrew Berkshire

Every Monday and Thursday at 7:30pm EST, join Andrew Berkshire and Conor McKenna as they break down the most interesting stories in hockey, while maybe talking about food a bit. Okay, we talk about food a lot.

Bruce Bennett

UPDATE: Listen to the podcast!

Tonight on Ice Level, Conor McKenna, James David and I will be shocked that we're talking about free agent signings again because it's August 25th, but hey, the Calgary Flames brought in Devin Setoguchi to help bolster their offense, and the Ottawa Senators give Craig Anderson a huge contract extension that lasts until he's 37 years old.

We'll also be welcoming Jen LC (@RegressedPDO) to the show for the very first time, as we'll be picking her brain about what the Hawks might be up to in regards to their cap space, who they might trade, and what she thinks they should do.

Finally, what would a Monday be without talking to Steve Dangle? We got carried away talking about the Leafs'...


...And we didn't have time to get to Tim Leiweke leaving the Leafs just a year after he promised a Stanley Cup.

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To tune into the show, click play on the embedded player, or you can find it online at Montreal Hockey Talk, listen online at Websports Media, search Montreal Hockey Talk on the TuneIn Radio app on your phone, or if you miss it live, you can listen to the podcast through iTunes.