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Ice Level with Andrew Berkshire

Join Andrew Berkshire and Conor McKenna as they break down the most interesting stories in hockey twice a week, while maybe talking about food a bit. Okay, we talk about food a lot.

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UPDATE: Listen to the podcast!

Tonight on Ice Level, Conor McKenna, James David, and I will be delving into the issue that seems to keep coming up in Montreal, that of the future of the center position on the team, and what needs to be done to ensure that the team is best off going forward. Should they keep everyone and have Alex Galchenyuk play wing for another year? Should they jettison David Desharnais? What about Tomas Plekanec, who's most expensive and possibly in decline?

We'll also be chatting it up with Harrison Mooney, contributor to Yahoo!'s NHL blog, Puck Daddy, along with Pass it to Bulis. We'll be talking to Harrison about the changes the Canucks made, and what their future holds. Are they a playoff team? Are they tanking? Is John Tortorella the worst?

Finally, we'll be discussing the nebulous concept of momentum, and how fourth liners often get credit for changing the momentum of games.

You can join in on the conversation by using the hashtag #IceLevel on twitter.

To tune into the show, click play on the embedded player, or you can find it online at Montreal Hockey Talk, listen online at Websports Media, search Montreal Hockey Talk on the TuneIn Radio app on your phone, or if you miss it live, you can listen to the podcast through iTunes.