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EOTP gets it's own radio show, debuting for the Montreal meetup

The EOTP Montreal meetup is right around the corner, and it's time to finalize some locations, make some announcements, and get excited.

Justin K. Aller

It's been awhile since we made any announcements about the upcoming Montreal meetup on Saturday, March 15th, but there's lots to go over now.

For starters, EOTP will be entering into a partnership with Montreal Hockey Talk, a local radio startup in the West Island of Montreal. EOTP contributors such as Laura, Mike Obrand, and myself have been on Montreal Hockey Talk's existing shows as guests many times this season, and starting on March 16th, I'll be starting my own show right after Ted Bird's Hockey Week in Review show.

Montreal Hockey talk's studios boast a giant projection screen to watch games on, as well as several other big screen TVs to play multiple games at once. For those who aren't going to the Senators game, because we were too late to secure group tickets, during the game EOTP members will be coming with me to Montreal Hockey Talk's studio for some food and drink, catch the game, and partake in the postgame show hosted by Corey Collard.

If you want to take in the game at Montreal Hockey Talk's studio, let me know ASAP with an email to habseyesontheprize at, and we'll start working to arrange rides for however many people are coming.

Before the game, we'll be grabbing some drinks at a pub to be chosen this week, and hopefully playing a road hockey game, the location of which we'll also be finalizing this week.