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Ice Level

All episodes of EOTP Radio will be archived here

Ice Level: The end of the Subban era

The unthinkable has happened, and we're all back from vacation to break it down for you.

Ice Level: Look before you leap

Stuck in Andrew's basement once again, the podcast goes from bad cops, to Habs legends, to how Captain Kirk will help the current team.

Ice Level: Hacked together in Andrew's basement

Amidst the chaos of losing the studio they usually record in, Andrew and Conor got together for tacos, then recorded an impromptu podcast in Andrew's basement.

Ice Level: Who are the ideal UFAs for Montreal?

The Canadiens have signed prospects Artturi Lehkonen and Martin Reway, but should they be dipping their toes into free agency as well?

Ice Level: Habs' backup plans disappear

With the Senators hiring Guy Boucher and Marc Crawford, the Canadiens are left essentially without a backup plan this coming season if they end up struggling again, we'll discuss that and more this week.

Ice Level: Coaches face the music outside Montreal

Coaches are dropping like flies for eliminated teams, which makes the Montreal situation even more confusing. We'll talk about that and more on Ice Level.

Ice Level: Year of the chokers

The four teams that get the most criticism for chocking in the playoffs just so happen to be the favourites going forward in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, making for an incredibly exciting second round.

Ice Level: Enough with offsides

The NHL seems to have an epidemic on their hands, an epidemic of retroactive offside calls killing goals. Can't have playoffs without the NHL ruining their own product.

Ice Level: The Big Playoff Preview

The Canadiens did what everyone expected them to do and disappointed their fanbase with perplexing inaction, but the good news is the playoffs start soon, and it's time for us to make predictions.

Ice Level: Foxhole buddies sticking around?

According to a report by TSN's Darren Dreger, Marc Bergevin is committed to keeping Michel Therrien on next season, we discuss that and more with special guest Elias Toufexis!

Ice Level: NHL email leak is embarrassing

Just when you think the NHL's battle with former players over concussions couldn't get worse, internal emails are released that make them all look horrible.

Ice Level: Should McCarron stick next season?

The one thing you have to give the Canadiens is that they're unpredictable, but we're going to try to predict the future anyway.

Ice Level: Stubbornness is not a virtue

The Canadiens have never looked so directionless, but we'll try to figure out what the plan is.

Ice Level: Was the Tinordi trade about doping?

Surprise new broke on Wednesday that former Habs defenseman Jarred Tinordi tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, which has fuelled speculation that this is what the trade was about.

Ice Level: How did the Habs do at the deadline?

The Canadiens have traded Dale Weise, Tomas Fleischmann, and Devante Smith-Pelly in a bid to sell off assets at the trade deadline, but was that enough? Were they the right moves?

Ice Level: Trade Deadline looming

Another week of uninspiring play from the Montreal Canadiens has seen the coach finally admit that it's time to play the kids, which means the trade deadline could be busy for the Habs.

Ice Level: In need of a fresh perspective

Changing gears a bit from our usual analysis of the previous week, Ice Level looks forward to next season and what we've learned from this one.

Ice Level: Does Scrivens give the Habs hope?

Last week we were at rock bottom right there with the Habs, but after three straight wins behind stellar goaltending from Ben Scrivens, is the season not yet over?

Ice Level: Time to shut Carey Price down?

Despondency has set in for the Montreal Canadiens, as the team doesn't even seem to be able to think of a possible answer to this slump. But we're still here to break it down.

Ice Level: Who is accountable for this mess?

The epic collapse continues for the Canadiens, and it's tough to find a way out.

Ice Level: Change must come

The Canadiens are suffering perhaps the worst collapse in the history of the franchise, and everyone seems powerless to help. Something needs to happen, but what?

Ice Level: Should we be worried about Galchenyuk?

Craziness continues to surround the Canadiens as Alex Galchenyuk's girlfriend was arrested on Sunday. Ice Level debates what's going on, and what needs to happen.

Ice Level: What could the Habs give up for Drouin?

The podcast is finally back after a long holiday break, and we're all itching to dissect the struggling Canadiens, and the possibility of a trade for a star player.

Ice Level: First losing streak of the season

On the last episode of 2015, Andrew and Conor discuss the Habs' first losing streak of the season, and what can be done to fix it.

Ice Level: Craziness without Carey

With Carey Price and Brendan Gallagher out, it looks like Michel Therrien has employed his patented line blender, even though the team has been playing well.

Ice Level: Are the Habs good without Gallagher?

The seemingly indestructible Brendan Gallagher is out for possibly six weeks with two broken fingers, can the Canadiens survive without him?

Ice Level: If Semin won't work out, who will?

The Canadiens have once again put Alexander Semin the press box, as it seems like there's less and less of a chance that he can find a place with the team. Where can the Habs' find a replacement?

Ice Level: Should the NHL adopt bigger nets?

The lack of goalscoring in the NHL has been a topic of debate for years, but it might be reaching a breaking point. Should the NHL actually consider bringing in bigger nets?

Ice Level: How is Weise tearing up the NHL?

Dale Weise has more goals than Sidney Crosby, Steven Stamkos, Alex Ovechkin, and Max Pacioretty. What on earth is going on and how has he accomplished such a feat?

Ice Level: Is Martin Reway a problem child?

A trio of talented, yet maligned players dominate the discussion on this week's Ice Level, do these guys deserve better coverage for the media, or do fans give them too much leeway?

Ice Level: The reformation of Michel Therrien?

With the Habs off to the races during a record-breaking 7-0-0 start, Robyn Flynn, Conor McKenna, and Andrew Berkshire try to figure out how they are where they are.

Ice Level: Are these Habs legit?

A week into the NHL season, the Ice Level crew dissects all that's happened so far. Are the Canadiens really as good as they look? We'll tell you.