QUIZ: Opening night rosters of the recent past

In anticipation of a new season, here's a quiz that looks back at opening night rosters from past seasons.

The 2015-2016 hockey season is upon us! With the last-minute addition of Paul Byron, the suspension of Zack Kassian, the lingering injury to Michaël Bournival, and the assignments of Charles Hudon, Sven Andrighetto, Mark Barberio, Jacob de la Rose, and Dustin Tokarski to the AHL, the opening night roster for the Montreal Canadiens is set.

We know that the roster that finishes the season is often drastically different from the one that starts the season. Who will come? Who will go? That's just part of the fun of an 82-game schedule.

But on one evening, before the first home game of the season, in a ceremony filled with pomp, the players are introduced one-by-one to their adoring public who welcomes them with roaring applause.

In this edition of the quiz we look back at the opening night roster of the Canadiens for three previous seasons: 2014-2015, 2010-2011, and 2005-2006. How many names can you recall from those editions of the Habs?

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