QUIZ: Head Coaches of the Montreal Canadiens

Do you think you can name all the people who have coached the Habs?

Despite the popular (and vociferous) opinions on Twitter these days, Michel Therrien remains the head coach of the Montreal Canadiens. The time and place to debate that is not right now. However, seeing as coaching is currently a hot topic for the Montreal fanbase, we thought that it might be a good time to pull out a quiz which looks at the history of the only job that comes with a near 100% guarantee that it will end with a firing each and every time: Head Coach.

There were 37 turns at coaching in the long history of the Montreal Canadiens since 1909. This takes into account interim head coaches as well as people who've had multiple stints in the role. This quiz is particularly challenging because there are so many obscure names involved. Essentially if you get 100% on this quiz, I'll just go right ahead and assume that you either cheated or that your name ends in "Molson."

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