PuckDrop podcast with special guest Saku Koivu

In our second episode of the PuckDrop podcast we have none other than Montreal Canadiens hero Saku Koivu.

In the second episode of PuckDrop we have a very special guest. There is no other European with higher standing in the city of Montreal than Saku Koivu, and for him to set aside 45 minutes to make a podcast is just another example of his affability.

Saku speaks about the Finnish World Cup team, who he advises, growing up, his parents, and the support he received.

Naturally, he also touched on his time with the Canadiens, the people in the locker room, and the captaincy.

In the end we got to the next big Finnish player in Montreal, Artturi Lehkonen. Koivu gives us his opinion on Montreal’s most exciting prospect heading into training camp.


A little note in regards to the podcast itself; my aim is to make this into a bi-weekly podcast, even if the first two episodes came out on a weekly basis.

The first reason is that it is a lot of planning that goes into making this podcast. There’s planning and tracking people down. For every yes there is usually a no somewhere else. It takes a lot of time and while I enjoy doing it I’m just getting going on this project with limited resources.

Second, I have invested a lot of money into this. It means I need to work somewhere else in order to get this up and running. That unfortunately means that I can’t spend as much time as I want to on the podcast. There may be a patreon set up in the future.

In the future I aim to make it a bit broader, but I will focus on Montreal for the time being. While there will be some guests that have stories to tell about their time in Montreal, I hope to be able to get more diverse guests sooner rather than later.


Last, but not least, thank you to Shukar Collective for letting me use their song "Oh, Girl" as an intro. Also a huge thanks to Sean Hunsche that designed the logo.

And of course; to the Captain himself - Saku Koivu!

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