PuckDrop Podcast with Jonathan Sigalet

Our conversation with Sigalet includes a story on Carey Price, comparing the top European leagues, and much more.

One of Frölunda’s marquee signings this off-season was Jonathan Sigalet from SHL competitor Luleå. The Vancouver-born defender tells us a story that spans over three leagues, a college degree, and two brand new teams in the KHL — Lev Propad and Slovan Bratislava — before turning to the SHL where he seems to have found a role that lets him play to his strengths. Puck-moving and skating are the areas where he shines, but he still speaks about problems getting acclimatised to the style of play that Frölunda plays.

Having grown up in British Columbia a few years ahead of the Montreal Canadiens’ goaltender, the subject of Carey Price comes up. Sigalet tells us the story about when Price was cut from the regional team; probably the last time that has happened.

He takes us through the NCAA years and playing with his brother, but also about having finished his degree online when he turned to the AHL and the Bruins organization.

Sigalet laughs when he tells us the story about playing in the KHL and having been able to get big hits in on unsuspecting players, and he also remembers the first time he was shifted against Mozyakin.

The huge differences between Lev Propad and Slovan Bratislava comes up, as Lev Propad was a whole new organization and Slovan Bratislava has history on its side.  At the end we turn to some of the prospects in the Frölunda system, coach Roger Rönnberg, Sigalet’s new role as a mentor to the young players coming through, and where Frölunda would end up if they played in the KHL.


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