PuckDrop Podcast with IceCaps fan favourite Bud Holloway

Bud Holloway was one big smile when he saw the Montreal Canadiens hat I was wearing and said, "what are you doing here?" drawing out a laugh from the few people still around. While we couldn’t sit down for an in-person recording of the podcast, Bud was gracious enough to offer the chance to record it over Skype.

It is a very candid conversation, in which Holloway confirms that coming home to Skellefteå was a huge deal (he just renewed the contract for another two years) and more or less say that when he heard that Skellefteå was interested, after leaving CSKA mid-season, all other clubs were out.

He offers up his thoughts about his hockey life, and takes us from Saskatchewan to Moscow and back to Skellefteå.

Obviously we speak about his time with the Canadiens and his fear of hitting Carey Price with a wayward shot, and he offers up some thoughts of two of the most talked about Canadiens prospects. "[Charles Hudon] is a fantastic player and has the drive to get back to the NHL,", while Nikita Scherbak "is still maturing. He’s got more skill than he knows what to do with."

He also thinks that the Sports channels in North America could use some European highlights. "The goals that are scored here are beautiful. A lot nicer to watch than the dump-and-chase highlights you get in the NHL/AHL."

One thing he also brings up is how difficult it must be for a partner to sit several thousand miles away and see their loved one get knocked out on live TV, something that rarely is spoken of.

And of course - we speak about the save!

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