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Martin Réway back to full practice

Canadiens prospect Martin Réway was back to practice after suffering a concussion


Martin Réway practiced in a normal jersey (not a non-contact one) at today's practice with Fribourg-Gottéron. While the team is careful to protect him and following concussion protocol, it looks like Réway could make a return to game action for the playoffs. It would also mean that he could potentially participate in the World Championships for his native Slovakia.

Fribourg-Gottéron is currently sixth in the NLA table, which is a firm playoff position. Therefore, there is no rush to push Réway into the line up for the last games of the regular season. Pierre Reynaud of Friborg-Gotteron told me during my trip to Switzerland that they have had quite a few concussions in the team this season so the team is unfortunately used to dealing with concussion related injuries.

Prior to the concussion, Réway was on a 1.17 PPG, ranking him fifth in the NLA (for a comparison, Auston Matthews has 1.24 PPG). He would certainly be a nice addition to Fribourg-Gottéron for the playoffs and the Slovakian team in World Championships if he can return to the ice prior to seasons end.


Thanks to Bouma (@Boumatoews) in Switzerland for contributing to this update.