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Martin Réway looks to the NHL and Canadiens next season.

The talented Habs prospect has expressed his desire to play in the NHL.


In an interview with Fribourg-Gottéron newspaper La Liberté, and via swisshockeynews, Martin Réway has expressed his desire to try out the NHL next year. Christian Dubé, the sports director of Réway's current team, HC Fribourg-Gottéron, has not started to negotiate a new contract with Montreal's prospect, according to La Liberté.

Réway wants to explore his opportunities in the NHL before thinking of an extension with Fribourg-Gottéron. "I think I have the qualities to play there", explains the Slovakian international. "After that, there are so many factors that come into play, which determine if you are a NHL player or not... You cannot control everything."

The Habs hold his rights until June 2017, and despite not offering Réway a contract as of yet, it certainly looks like Réway will be part of the team going forward. If he doesn't make the Habs out of camp he could either head to the St. John's IceCaps, or there could be the possibility to loan him back to a European club and still have him signed, something done with players such as Andreas Johnson and Axel Holmström. Despite some "drama" over an instagram post yesterday, it does indeed seem like Reway is intent on plying his trade in the NHL.

Reway has a 1.19 PPG average in the NLA, and while he's still scoring most of his points on the powerplay, he has taken steps to improve his game in even-strength situations.

His stats so far this season: 

Reway week 21

Fribourg-Gottéron plays tonight in the NLA away in Lugano. A stick tap goes out to to @Creeps_22_ for  a great setup pass on this news.