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Montreal Canadiens vs Ottawa Senators Rookie Tournament Highlights

The baby Habs faced off against the baby Senators, in the last game of the tournament

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The Habs fell 2-1 in their final game at the rookie tournament in London, finishing with a 1-1-1 record. It was a spirited match up, with a much bigger physical presence than the previous two games. Travis Ewanyk, in particular, was incredibly chippy, and eventually went after scorer Tim Bozon as the game ended.

Despite the scoreline, plenty of rubber was sent towards both nets, as the shots finished 48-45 in favour of the Canadiens. To be perfectly honest it didn't look like 90+ shots hit the net, but we won't worry too much about the accuracy of shot counts in a rookie tournament.

Matt O'Connor stood out as Ottawa's MVP, saving 47 of the shots that came his way. For his part, Zachary Fucale looked really solid, except perhaps for the 2nd goal.

Once again Angelo Miceli had a fantastic game. I'd be really surprised if he doesn't earn an ECHL contract when training camp is over.

Michael McCarron played well, using his  body to create space on several occasions. He also fared well in the face off department. It was a quiet game for Nikita Scherbak and Daniel Carr.

The Highlights

Francis Perron opened the scoring for the Senators.

Perron wasn't done there. He gave the Sens a two-goal lead, once again using his quick release to fool Fucale.

Miceli's skills were once again on display, especially his vision

Miceli then set up this Dryden Hunt goal, which cut the Senators lead in half. It was the Habs' 30th shot of the game.

Tobias Lindberg found Matt Puempel with this sweet pass, but the puck ended up going off the post

The Fights

For some reason Jeremy Gregoire thought it would be a good idea to fight. His opponent was Vincent Dunn.

Brandon McNally got into it with Travis Ewanyk at the end of the 1st

More highlights

Michael McCarron didn't hit the score sheet, but he looked good out there.

Fucale had a solid outing

And fittingly, we end with another great play by Angelo Miceli. This time he stole the puck shorthanded and creating a scoring chance