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Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs Rookie Tournament Highlights

All the highlights from Montreal's second rookie tournament game

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

It was Charles Hudon's night, as the Habs beat the Toronto Maple Leafs prospects 6-4. Hudon had two goals, and a number of great rushes. On defence Ryan Johnston was a standout, demonstrating his mobility and offensive prowess. The best part of the game had to be Tim Bozon's goal. It's great to see him playing the game he loves.

The highlights

Jack Rodewald was the first to score, thanks to a nice tip

Cameron Lizotte and Michael McCarron got into a fight. It seemed as if they both agreed to remove their helmets, but Lizotte couldn't resist taking an early shot. McCarron proceeded to go beast mode.

Jamal Watson tied the game at 1-1 with a nice finish during a shorthanded opportunity

Following the goal, Brett Lernout took exception to some stick work by Nikolas Brouillard, and decided to feed him his lunch

Nikita Scherbak fired off a perfect pass to Tim Bozon, giving the Habs a 2-1 lead.

A nice shot from Brouillard tied the game at 2.

Joly quickly gave the Leafs a 3-2 lead

Connor Crisp tipped the puck to level the game at 3

Johnston made a great assist to Hudon, which gave the Habs a 4-3 lead

Speaking of Hudon, check out this great rush

Dalton Thrower produced a strong individual effort to give the Canadiens a two-goal lead

Brouillard scored a late goal for the Leafs to close the gap to one, but Hudon found the empty net from centre ice, and sealed the deal for the Habs