Possible amnesty buyouts - The Northeast Division

This summer with the cap crunch, we have the added complication of amnesty buyouts. What can that mean? Well there are a lot of names that could be on the free agents list. Would any interest Montreal?

Montreal Canadiens - Tomas Kaberle - D - One year remaining at $4.25M

Obviously, right? I mean there's the slightest possible chance that Bergevin finds a buyer with just one year left on the deal, but if it wasn't done at this year's deadline it seems to be incredibly unlikely.

Boston Bruins - Chris Kelly - C - Three years remaining at $3M

Boston likes Kelly, and they just signed that contract last summer, but they have just $1.587M in cap space going into next year and star goaltender Tuukka Rask is up for a new contract. Even buying out Kelly won't be enough though, Rask should earn in the $5-6.5M range. Boston is in trouble cap wise, and say bye to Nathan Horton as a UFA. Rich Peverley could also be a buyout candidate.

Toronto Maple Leafs - Mike Komisarek - D - One year remaining at $4.5M

Beyond obvious that this is going to happen. Komisarek couldn't even stay in the Marlies' lineup when he was sent to the AHL. A buyout may rejuvenate his career, but he was never what the Leafs paid for. Thanks Andrei Markov, for trolling the Leafs org into buying a marginal player at high cost.

Ottawa Senators - Chris Neil - RW - Three years remaining at $1.9M

It's not going to happen because the Senators have a ton of cap space, and also because they're in love with the toothless wonder, but Neil is no longer much of an effective player. He can agitate and fight players smaller than him, but he doesn't do much else.

Buffalo Sabres - VIlle Leino - C - Four years remaining at $4.5M

Buffalo isn't in cap trouble going into next year, but it's nearly unfathomable that they would choose to not buy out Leino, who's been awful since he was signed to a hugely expensive deal.

Do any buyout candidates interest the Habs?

This is a pretty sad sack group. I don't think I'd want any of them on my team, and I don't think Marc Bergevin would either.

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