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BSM34: A game that shouldn’t have happened

The league allowed a COVID-stricken Canadiens team to take the ice in Florida.

Bottom Six Minutes 33: Habs lose, and lose another body in the process

The only thing worse than the Canadiens’ position in the standings would have to be their injury woes.

Habsent Minded: Reviewing the first portion of the Lions’ season

Memorable moments, player analysis, and grades.

BSM32: Montreal Rocket give Tampa all they can handle

A few kids from Laval turned what was supposed to be an easy Tampa win into nothing of the sort.

The Dispatch: Dichow describes his breakout season

The goaltender worked on himself during the COVID pause, and is now weighing his options for the next stage of his development.

BSM31: Slump Buster

The Montreal Canadiens put forth one of their best efforts of the season with no fans in the stands.

BSM30: Habs lose their seventh straight

The losses keep piling up, which is either good or bad depending on how much you like Shane Wright.

BSM29: Misery in Missouri

Jake Allen had a tough return to St. Louis as the Canadiens lost their sixth straight game.

BSM28: Habs meet Flower Power

Jake Allen played well, but Marc-Andre Fleury proved to be an unsolvable puzzle for the Canadiens.

BSM27: The epitome of tanking

The Canadiens snatched defeat from the jaws of victory after 57 minutes of pretty good hockey.

BSM26: At least it was entertaining

Cole Caufield had a multi-point game to help the Habs to overtime, where they still lost.

BSM25: Apathy

The Canadiens managed to look much more like the team that played the night before than their opponents, who actually did.

Bottom Six Minutes 24: No change comes overnight

The Canadiens still have major problems, one of them being behind the bench.

BSM23: The winds of change

Jake Allen stole the show for the Montreal Canadiens on a night were interesting news also came out about the front office.

Bottom Six Minutes 22: The worst of times

It wasn’t the worst score the Canadiens have seen this season, but it was one of their worst games.

BSM21: Is Geoff Molson even watching?

After one of the ugliest looking Habs games of the season, you have to wonder if ownership is paying attention.

Habsent Minded: A lame duck situation

The Canadiens general manager spoke amid the team continuing to struggle.

BSM20: Habs ride strong second to victory

The Canadiens were on their heels for the first 20 minutes, but some good goaltending and a stellar second earned a 6-3 win.

BSM19: An embarrassment in Montreal

Fans at the Bell Centre cheered sarcastically as the Penguins scored their sixth unanswered goal.

Bottom Six Minutes 18: Cayden Primeau stands out in Habs loss to Rangers

The Montreal Canadiens lost again, but they may have found their man between the pipes for the moment.

The Dispatch: Updates on Habs prospects from the 4-Nations

Two Canadiens prospects, Oliver Kapanen and Dmitri Kostenko are in action in Sweden.

One-on-one with Oliver Kapanen at the 4-Nations tournament

Kapanen has his focus set on the upcoming World Junior Championship.

BSM17: Does Geoff Molson have a rock bottom?

The Canadiens suffered yet another embarrassing loss, and it begs the question of what could possibly get Geoff Molson to act.

BSM16: A point, but at what cost?

The Canadiens earned a point for getting to overtime, but may have lost their current starting goaltender in the process.

Bottom Six Minutes 15: Can the Habs catch fire?

The Canadiens ended their homestand with a win, but can they build from it?

BSM14: The Wright Stuff?

The Habs found their way into overtime for the first time this season, and found a way to lose there.

Habsent Minded: North American prospect review

A look at the Canadiens prospects in the NCAA.

Bottom Six Minutes 13: Losing dominantly

The Canadiens managed to lose a game despite one of the best starts they’ve delivered all season.

BSM12: The Canadiens need to clean house

After a pitiful performance against the Islanders, it can’t be that everyone gets to keep their jobs

BSM11: If only the Habs played Detroit more

The Montreal Canadiens don’t have a great record this year, but they have an amazing one against Detroit.

Habsent Minded: “It never rains in California, it pours”

The Canadiens come back from another tough California trip.

BSM10: To tank, or not to tank

A mere 10 games into the season, the Montreal Canadiens might want to decide.


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