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BSM52: Should Nick Suzuki be the next captain of the Montreal Canadiens?

Nick Suzuki has been showing some true leadership in a tough season.

BSM51: Physicality was a big part of the Canadiens’ win over the Leafs

Getting physical with the Leafs seemed to throw them off their game.

BSM50: Making the Montreal Canadiens fun again

Things were looking bleak, but somehow this team has become fun to watch again.

Bottom Six Minutes 49: Cole Caufield is at his best under Martin St. Louis

The Blues found out that Martin St. Louis’s Montreal is a Cole world.

BSM48: The ups and downs of Jeff Petry

Jeff Petry had a rather enigmatic day against the Buffalo Sabres.

BSM47: Cole world, heating up

Just two games into the Martin St. Louis era, Cole Caufield is on his first scoring streak.

Bottom Six Minutes 46: Cole Caufield’s best game of the year is no coincidence

The coaching change appeared to energize the Canadiens, in particular Cole Caufield.

Habsent Minded: Dominique Ducharme out, Martin St. Louis in

The dreadful loss against the New Jersey Devils proved to be the final nail in Ducharme’s coffin.

Bottom Six Minutes 45: Jeff Petry isn’t helping his trade value

Though it’s hard to single out one performance in a 7-1 loss, Jeff Petry’s was concerning.

Habsent Minded 4.43: The Development of Frederik Dichow, with Max Strömberg

A closer look at one of the fastest-rising prospects in the Canadiens organization.

BSM44: Enough is enough

The Montreal Canadiens are now on their bye week, which is the perfect time to make a change.

BSM43: Habs’ reaction to Kassian hit on Montembeault is embarrassing

Kassian took a significant liberty with his hit on Montembeault, and the Canadiens did nothing.

BSM42: The Canadiens’ defensive zone coverage is a mess

The Habs deserved a win on Thursday night, but their defensive system is what prevented them from getting it.

Habsent Minded: Who stays, who goes ahead of the Trade Deadline?

Jason Paul joins the podcast to discuss what Kent Hughes should build around.

BSM41: “We’ll put this one in the garbage” and discard a valuable lesson in the process

A coach that refuses to learn from his team’s deficiencies shouldn’t be leading them through a rebuild.

BSM40: Cayden Primeau’s turn to steal a point

A third straight stellar goaltending performance for Montreal, this time from Cayden Primeau.

BSM39: Samuel Montembeault almost does it again

For a second straight game, the Habs gave up over 50 shots, and almost won thanks to their goaltender.

Bottom Six Minutes 38: Samuel Non-Tembeault

The Dallas Stars put 51 shots on Samuel Montembeault, but he stonewalled them en route to a 5-3 win.

BSM37: Ducharme’s baffling attempt at a momentum swing fails

Dominique Ducharme switched goaltenders in a 4-2 game, hoping it would somehow spark his team.

BSM36: Habs lose on rare double review in OT

A wild double review in overtime handed the Habs a fifth straight loss.

BSM35: Habs literally butt heads with the Bruins

The Montreal Canadiens lost badly, and might be losing more bodies as well.

Habsent Minded: The GM candidates

As the search ramps up, we discuss the potential hires.

Habsent Minded: Canadiens World Juniors prospect evaluation

A look at the shortened WJC and the upcoming 2022 Draft.

BSM34: A game that shouldn’t have happened

The league allowed a COVID-stricken Canadiens team to take the ice in Florida.

Bottom Six Minutes 33: Habs lose, and lose another body in the process

The only thing worse than the Canadiens’ position in the standings would have to be their injury woes.

Habsent Minded: Reviewing the first portion of the Lions’ season

Memorable moments, player analysis, and grades.

BSM32: Montreal Rocket give Tampa all they can handle

A few kids from Laval turned what was supposed to be an easy Tampa win into nothing of the sort.

The Dispatch: Dichow describes his breakout season

The goaltender worked on himself during the COVID pause, and is now weighing his options for the next stage of his development.

BSM31: Slump Buster

The Montreal Canadiens put forth one of their best efforts of the season with no fans in the stands.

BSM30: Habs lose their seventh straight

The losses keep piling up, which is either good or bad depending on how much you like Shane Wright.

BSM29: Misery in Missouri

Jake Allen had a tough return to St. Louis as the Canadiens lost their sixth straight game.

BSM28: Habs meet Flower Power

Jake Allen played well, but Marc-Andre Fleury proved to be an unsolvable puzzle for the Canadiens.


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