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North Division Playoff Preview: Edmonton Oilers with Preston Hodgkinson

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We look back at the Oilers’ season to see how they stack up in the battle for the top of the group.

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Edmonton Oilers v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Preston Hodgkinson (@NHLHodgkinson) from sister site Copper and Blue joins the podcast to talk about the Edmonton Oilers’ season and expectations in regard to the series against the Winnipeg Jets.

What is the exclamation mark of the season for Edmonton Oilers? We discuss the highlights of their year, as well as Connor McDavid’s incredible run, Mike Smith’s play, and Leon Draisaitl’s standing among the league’s best.

The question mark of the season must be the bottom six, and what about Adam Larsson? Are the defence and the bottom two lines good enough to get out of the North?

McDavid’s elbow on Jesperi Kotkaniemi didn’t get the heated exchange as expected, and Preston wouldn’t have challenged a suspension for the superstar. But Preston also points to Shea Weber’s cross-checks in another game that weren’t called on the ice. The conclusion is that the refereeing has been suspect in the otherwise great Edmonton vs. Montreal matchup this season, something that our guest wouldn’t mind seeing again in the North Division final.