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Hab At It podcast: Episode 2 — Looking deeper than the 1-3 record

The one where Andrew and Kyle look at the Habs’ start to the season and maybe talk Alex Galchenyuk.

NHL: Preseason-Toronto Maple Leafs at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Eyes on the Prize is proud to present Hab At It, a weekly podcast, bringing together two EOTP regulars: Kyle Medeiros and Andrew Zadarnowski. The series will hopefully be on iTunes in the very near future.

This week’s instalment looks at the general mood of the fanbase after the Montreal Canadiens started their season with a 1-3-0 record, driving a portion of the fanbase into an uncontrollable tailspin of rage and despair. But is the situation as desperate as it’s made out to be? Can there be a silver lining to be found? Of course there is, and Andrew and Kyle discuss what went on in these games, and what are the important takeaways from these losses.

Attention then turned to the week ahead, notably with the news that Alex Galchenyuk was moved to the fourth line in practice yesterday. Kyle and Andrew searched for answers, and although a few theories were given, ultimately the move puzzles, especially Kyle who goes off on the move.

Finally, we look at the news that the Canadiens are trying to trade Mark Streit, and what his 35+ contract means in terms of the cap.

Andrew is entering his third season as a columnist for EOTP, with a key interest in organizational development and navigating the murky waters of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. You can normally hear him on Sunday mornings as a contributor on Week-End Gameplan on TSN690.

Kyle joined EOTP last season, bringing with him some significant sports media experience, including a degree in journalism from Mohawk College and ongoing studies at the College of Sports Media in Toronto. While at Mohawk College, Kyle produced and hosted a weekly radio show, so Andrew is going to let him do all the hard work.