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She Shoots She Scores: Emergence of Emerance

Emerance Maschmeyer has been on the radar for a while, but stepped onto the main stage for Team Canada. Also, the NWHL had a good first year but its current off season appears poised to undo some of the positivity.

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Meghan Agosta has been a staple on Team Canada for the past several years.
Meghan Agosta has been a staple on Team Canada for the past several years.
Abelimages/Getty Images

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She Shoots She Scores is a new podcast focusing entirely on women's hockey. Lise-Marie Caron worked for Les Canadiennes and is a fan of the women's game at all levels. Brad Simpson is a hockey addict who writes about the CWHL and NWHL.

Together they started a podcast which will talk about both the professional women's leagues, international hockey and prospects who are going to be tomorrow's stars. We'll record weekly as our schedules allow it, and as of the second episode, we will spend the last 15 minutes or so recapping the episode for our French listeners.

In the most recent episode, we talk about the 2016 IIHF Women's World Championship for Team Canada, and focus on goaltender Emerance Maschmeyer who stole the show. She's also entered the CWHL draft, despite having been drafted by the NWHL's Boston Pride. The broadcast of the Women's World Championship was good exposure on a main stage, but as we've already written about, there was some frustration with a lack of research done prior to and during the tournament.

The NWHL might be having more money problems, with reports that investors are leaving, one might be suing the league, and more missed payment rumors are abound. Growing pains are one thing, but are possible financial problems detracting from the good on-ice stories?

We finish the last 15 minutes or so in French, a new format we're entertaining to broaden the reach of our podcast to listeners who speak very little English. 

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