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Ice Level: Canadiens must survive without Pacioretty

On this episode of Ice Level, we break down the possible playoff matchups for the Habs, and ask whether or not they can survive without Max Pacioretty.

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Michel Therrien broke the news on Wednesday that the Montreal Canadiens would be without Max Pacioretty for the remainder of the regular season, which is only two more games, but he could be out even longer. He will be re-evaluated next week, likely before the playoffs begin, but with the way he fell, they shouldn't be counting on him to play.

Max Pacioretty has been involved in 34.5% of the Canadiens' goals, among the highest marks of any player in the NHL. Can the Habs survive without him?

Whether the Habs can survive without Pacioretty may depend on who they line up against come playoff time, and they could face any of the Detroit Red Wings, Washington Capitals, Pittsburgh Penguins, Boston Bruins, New York Islanders, or Ottawa Senators, who matches up best?

Also relating to Pacioretty's injury, former NHLer Dan LaCouture thinks the NHL needs to be held accountable for encouraging a culture of violence that leads to devastating injuries, is he right?

The Players' Tribune uses ghost writers on their stories that are represented as straight from the athletes, is that a big deal?