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Habsent Minded 4.63 (feat. David St-Louis): Part 1 — Why Shane Wright?

A more detailed look at the question of Shane Wright vs. Juraj Slafkovský.

Habsent Minded 4.62: Part 4 — What can the Canadiens do with the other 13 picks?

Looking at other key prospects and skill sets to be found from the rest of the draft class.

Habsent Minded 4.62: Part 3 — Learning from Jeff Gorton’s past

Are Gorton’s high-profile misses in New York a bad sign for his Montreal tenure?

Habsent Minded 4.62: Part 2 — How important is being NHL-ready for first overall pick?

As we continue to discuss the upcoming draft, we ponder how much weight being able to make an impact next season should carry.

Habsent Minded 4.62: Part 1 — Is Shane the Wright answer?

We break down the pros and cons of making Shane Wright the choice at first overall.

Habsent Minded: Grading the Canadiens goaltending and NCAA prospects

Our look at the Habs prospects continues.

Habsent Minded 4.59: Breaking down the Habs forwards

The final part of the season review series looks at Nick Suzuki, Cole Caufield, and the rest of the forward group.

Joshua Roy continues dominating the QMJHL playoffs

An update on Joshua Roy’s dominance, Riley Kidney’s transition to the AHL, and more.

Habsent Minded: Breaking down the Canadiens defence

After the goaltenders, we move to looking at the defence.

Habsent Minded: Breaking down the Canadiens goalies

A look back at the Habs goalies last season.

Habsent Minded: Grading the CHL prospects

We discuss the Canadiens prospects in the CHL this past season.

Habsent Minded: First overall!

Reaction to the results of the 2022 NHL Draft Lottery

Habsent Minded 4.52: European prospect season grades

Joshua Roy off to a blazing start in QMJHL playoffs

Le Sniper Beauceron is taking his game to another level for the Sherbrooke Phoenix, plus updates on the other Habs prospects in the QMJHL playoffs.

Bottom Six Minutes 82: Cole Caufield is the future

Somewhere in the multiverse, there is a version of Cole Caufield who will win the Calder Trophy.

BSM81: May the odds be in their favour

Jeff Petry’s two-goal night and a Habs win still didn’t prevent them from clinching the best odds in the draft lottery.

Bottom Six Minutes 80: What is a penalty shot, anyways?

One of the worst penalty shot calls went against the Canadiens on Sunday night.

Bottom Six Minutes 79: Le Démon Blond

The memories of a legend overshadowed the game itself on Saturday.

BSM78: NHL officials don’t even know the rules

The Flyers weren’t even allowed to challenge a Mike Hoffman goal that shouldn’t have counted.

BSM77: Some things never change

Carey Price may have been away from the team for a while, but he returned to the same old problems.

BSM76: When Nick Suzuki gets angry

You wouldn’t like Nick Suzuki when he’s angry. Or, maybe you would.

BSM75: Carey Price returns and for at least one day, the Bell Centre was back too

Also the Canadiens lose to the Islanders.

BSM74: Romanov best in class in an otherwise poor effort

Taking a look back at the team’s loss in Columbus.

BSM73: One of those games

If this game meant anything, the loss would be a lot more frustrating.

BSM72: Jake Allen’s nightmare season continues

Jake Allen’s strong play of late makes his latest injury even more devastating.

BSM71: Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield are magical

A rebuild needs something to build around, and these two are it.

BSM70: Justin Barron is just getting started

Scoring his first NHL goal in style, Justin Barron gave Canadiens fans a glimpse of what he can do.

BSM69: The Caufield Calder season that wasn’t meant to be

There must be an alternate universe where Caufield is leading the Calder conversation.

Joshua Roy signed his ELC and set an all-time record in the same day

The fifth-round pick had himself quite a Wednesday.

BSM67: Quitting isn’t an option

The Canadiens looked like they were about to be victims of a complete blowout, but they had other ideas.

Habsent Minded: Jordan Harris signs and Cole Caufield goes bar down

The youth movement is alive and well in Montreal.

BSM66: Jesse Ylonen is making the most of an opportunity

The Laval Rocket standout made a strong case for himself on Sunday night.


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