Pierre LeBrun: Canadiens not done, looking for size

The TSN insider expects another move from Montreal

The Montreal Canadiens have been one of the NHL’s busiest teams over the last 36 hours, and it appears they still aren’t done.

Now, the Canadiens looking for size can be an evergreen tweet that can be reposted every year on the Trade Deadline day, but Pierre LeBrun is a very reputable source, and it coincides with the moves that general manager Marc Bergevin has made to date.

We’ve been thinking he has been gearing up for a bigger move, and considering the Habs haven’t been linked with anyone particularly big (in size), it would follow the Bergevin method of surprising us on Deadline day.

Matt Duchene, if you’re wondering, is 5’11.

If anything happens throughout the day you can be sure that Eyes on the Prize will have you covered so keep checking us out up to and beyond the 3 p.m. Eastern deadline for any breaking news and analysis.

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