Photos and audio from Habs and Flames practice

February 19 Habs audio: Jacques Martin | Brian Gionta | Carey Price

Flames Audio: Jarome Iginla | Robyn Regehr | Oli Jokinen

Well everybody, and I do mean everybody from every, media outlet (even CMT, The Weather Network, and is here to cover the 2011 Heritage Classic between the Montreal Canadiens and the Calgary Flames.That said the wireless connection was overloaded after lunch. So I'm taking time to just upload some practice photos and post-practice audio from Saturday morning. The audio is uncut and raw, so there may be some deed air at the end.

The Habs braved -24 temps this morning, but were having a great time. Hal Gill and Mike Cammalleri are clearly ready to go, although Jacques Martin will not officially commit to it. James Wisniewski also skated, wearing a full-face visor and he too will likely be a game time decision.

Despite the temps, the Habs and Flames both seemed to be enjoying the outdoor experience. Many wore open faced balaclavas, and blackout under there eyes. Scott Gomez tried to look tough in the outdoors, but had his toque tucked up under his helmet.

During the Flames practice, captain Jarome Iginla braved not wearing a toque, but by end of practice had one on. Although, it didn't fit under his helmet very well.

Ice conditions at McMahon Stadium were rather consistent through the Canadiens practice, but the snow began to build up midway through Calgary's skate.

FLames players then had a family skate, before making way for the Alumni game.



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Cammalleri after taking a traditional "one-kneer"


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