A Bitter Bandwagoner Habs Fan's TSM: Victory from the Jaws

Martin Jones puts on a clinic as the Sharks stave off elimination.

This could be it. The last hockey of the 2015-16 season. The Cup is in the building, the stage is set. Let's end it, Pens. End it so that Sid's terrible beard can retire for the year. End it so that mob in Pittsburg has something to celebrate.

That was possibly the best anthem of the playoffs.

First Period

  • The Sharks came to play tonight, and their first lead of the Final comes off the stick of Burns. Hold on to your butts kids, this could very well be a wild one.
  • AAAND Couture scores.
  • The Penguins don't look great. This is not good.
  • All that talk about Geno being quiet, but when the Pens have needed him most, he's been a giant. That was an absolute beauty.
  • AND SECONDS LATER, THE HBK LINE STRIKES. IT'S 2-2 AND HARDLY FIVE MINUTES IN. Beautiful deflection on a beautiful screen by a beautiful Swede with beautiful hair.
  • They hadn't even announced the first goal yet.
  • Woah that was save by Jones. Absolutely robbed Kessel. The HBK line is absolutely pouring it on right now.
  • The fans are cheering for Sharks penalties as loudly as they are for goals.
  • Kessel's gonna score.
  • Earlier in the year, when the Penguins played the Habs, and failed too look dangerous on the powerplay, I railed that they had no right to look that bad. This is what the Penguins' powerplay should look like.
  • And now Karlsson scores, because this one was never going to be boring. Oh man it went in under his elbow.
  • And it's only been one period. Wow. This is what you want in an elimination game.

Second Period

  • Phil Kessel is having himself a game.
  • Bad hit by Polak, Pens but no penalty.
  • But then Pittsburg gets a penalty for too many men boo.
  • Killed, but here comes the nasty.
  • After a phrenetic first period, this second period has been really quiet. The penalties are the most interesting things that have happened.
  • The Pens are absolutely swarming around the Sharks' net, but nothing doing.

Third Period

  • Ok. Come on Penguins. Time to step on it.
  • Wow. That was some incredible puck movement by the Pens. Dangling, spinning, evading, but alas, all for nothing.
  • The Penguins are massively outshooting the Sharks, but Jones really is standing tall. He's seeing every puck, sometimes through outrageous screens, and is really holding them in the game.
  • And an empty netter.
    We're going back to San Jose!/

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