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Parody, humour, and ridiculousness

We're made to suffer

The Habs were once again put to the light sabre on Tuesday night.

2020 Canadiens Top 25 Under 25: #1 Sprague Ribinsoin

Perhaps the most enigmatic, ridiculous, and too-good-to-be-true Canadiens prospect of all time has returned to his rightful place.

This stream has:

The Infamy of Sprague Ribinsoin

The plight of the second-most selfish prospect in hockey history.

A Bitter Bandwagoner’s Stanley Cup Playoffs Guide

Who to cheer for and why, from a Habs fan point of view.

[Video] Why isn't Drouin wearing any pants?

Things got weird in the third period.

EOTP staff predicts the 2017-18 Canadiens season

We’ll probably be wrong, but what if we’re right?

GoT: The seven great houses of the Habs alliance

In honour of Game of Thrones’ seventh season, here are the most powerful houses in the Habs kingdom.

‘Twas the Night Before Expansion

A Hockey Poem

Why Jimmy Vesey should sign with the Habs

Jimmy Vesey should definitely come to Montreal. Here's why.

1993 NHL Draft: A look back

An old media guide with prospect scouting reports and hindsight. What could go wrong?

Potential off-season strategies

The Habs were bad in a lot of ways this season. How can they be good next year? What moves will they make?

NHL emails: No Canadian teams in playoffs

While the focus on revealed documents has been on the league's stance on head injuries and fighting, EOTP has an e-mail revealing an active plan to keep Canada's seven teams out of the playoffs.

Brown's greatest hits

The newest Habs player is pretty good at punching other men in the face, and getting punched back.

Why I would trade P.K. Subban

Some circumstances under which you might trade the best skater of the Montreal Canadiens.

The NHL hates Toronto

The quotes in this article may or may not be completely made up.

Featured Fanshot

Victor Bartley's epic music video

Want to know a bit more about the Montreal Canadiens latest acquisition Victor Bartley? Well for starters he made an epic music video set to Gangnam Style back when he played for the Milwaukee Admirals.

Funniest Habs moments of 2015

From Duels to on-ice bloopers, here are some of the Habs' funniest moments.

A Hockey City: Losing Streak

It's a dark time for the Montreal Canadiens at this point in the season. Here are some cartoons can help lighten the mood.

Gallagher puts Jim Kyte on blast

Jim Kyte learned not to mess with Brendan Gallagher the hard way.

A Hockey City: Winning and Losing

Another dose of weekend Montreal Canadiens cartoons.

Featured Fanshot

Price trolls Cal Clutterbuck

Carey Price had an interesting way to deal with Cal Clutterbuck in front of his crease.

Obrand Standard Time: Habs vs. Leafs

Thoughts and quips on yesterday's game versus the Maple Leafs

Personalized goal songs

Goal songs seem to be all the rage these days. We chose some individual jams for a few Habs players.

Featured Fanshot

Andrei Markov trolls P.K. Subban during the Habs' introduction ceremony

After P.K. Subban spent the summer pointing at random things, Markov decided to have some fun at his expense in the Habs player introduction ceremony.

Obrand Standard Time: Habs vs. Senators

Thoughts and quips on yesterday's game versus the Senators

Obrand Standard Time: Habs vs Bruins

Thoughts and quips on yesterday's big win versus the Bruins

Subban delivers pizza

Yet another dose of P.K. Subban being awesome, this time delivering pizza in a Boston Pizza commercial.

Featured Fanshot

P.K. Subban steals Don Cherry's suit

Atta boy P.K.! At this point I think Subban does a better Cherry impersonation than Grapes himself.

A Hockey City: Goalie Saga

Where does Carey Price get his skill? Here's the true story.

A Hockey City: Hockey Wisdom

Does Michel Therrien read the Top 25 Under 25? What hockey wisdom has been passed on to you? How do you score on Carey Price? All of these questions will be answered on today's A Hockey City.

Featured Fanshot

Zack Kassian speaks in Rickyisms

Most know that I am a massive fan of the Trailer Park Boys. As such, when I heard what Zack Kassian said at around 1:45 in this video, I became a huge fan of his as well. On how it feels to be coming to Montreal, Kassian described it as "Kind of a world wind." Just awesome.

A Hockey City: The Business of Hockey

It's more than just the game we love - hockey is a very serious business.