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Pacioretty definitely jumped and elbowed, should have been suspended

Yesterday it was announced that the NHL would be giving out no supplementary discipline for Max Pacioretty’s hit on Ryan McDonagh from Saturday’s win over the New York Rangers at the Bell Centre.

To gauge the reaction from the opposing side of the hit, I popped into Blueshirt Banter yesterday, and it was pretty venomous. The first response I got was an insult, but honestly I expected that.

What I didn’t expect were claims that Pacioretty jumped 6 inches, 8 inches, 9 inches, and a foot in the air to hit McDonagh. Personally, I didn’t see a jump in the replay at all, as Pacioretty’s feet were on the ice until contact was made.

Boy was I wrong though! A new video of the hit has surfaced, and it turns out that not only were the Rangers fans right that Pacioretty jumped, he also laid a nice elbow. And they may have even underestimated how high he jumped.

Here is the video in question.

What a blunder by Shanahan! How could he have messed this one up so bad?

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