P.K. Subban takes time to meet the baby he accidentally hit with a puck

P.K. Subban is a class act.

Most will remember that P.K. Subban accidentally struck an infant with a puck he tossed into the crowd, back at the Canadiens' fan practice in February. The baby had to be hospitalized, and Subban felt terrible about it, enquiring numerous times about the child's status after the fact.

After the Habs beat the Stars earlier tonight, Subban did something awesome, by taking some time to meet with the family and their daughter.

He is arguably the most heavily criticized players on the Canadiens roster, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better picture of a professional. It was a freak accident that caused the injury, but he felt responsible anyways, and wanted to personally apologize for it.

P.K. Subban is just an awesome human being, and this was a great thing for him to do.

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