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Opinions and observations made during the course of the season

Closing the book on the Shea Weber era in Montreal

A stretch of lows was nearly capped off with the highest of highs.

Martin St. Louis has the mindset and the time to lead the Canadiens into contention

Armed with a new contract, the Canadiens’ head coach is ready to prove he is the right person for the job.

BSM78: NHL officials don’t even know the rules

The Flyers weren’t even allowed to challenge a Mike Hoffman goal that shouldn’t have counted.

He’s Back!

Price’s movements during his debut last week indicates the netminder is feeling pretty good.

Women’s hockey is better than how mainstream media treats it

Three years after the CWHL folding, it was like nothing ever changed... Which is the problem.

Confidence wins the day for the Canadiens

The Canadiens didn’t really deserve to win, but they were determined to anyway.

BSM63: Jake Allen rewarded the Canadiens for not trading him

Without their goaltender, the Habs would have had a tough time getting to overtime on Monday.

The Montreal Canadiens’ rebuild is off to a great start

Kent Hughes’s first trade deadline as general manager was eventful and sets up the future.

NHL officiating is a complete joke

Thursday’s Habs and Stars game featured some of the worst officiating you’ll ever see.

BSM58: The Canadiens’ power play needs an overhaul

A better power play would have yielded a win for the Canadiens on Saturday night.

How Kent Hughes can use a market inefficiency to help the Canadiens and Rocket at the Trade Deadline

Shifting the focus from draft picks to prospects can accelerate a rebuild, and help multiple levels of the organization.

Brendan Gallagher is apparently still on the NHL referees’ hit list

An absurd penalty against Gallagher on Saturday night suggests his position on the list is quite secure.

BSM53: Don’t trade Artturi Lehkonen

I know we’re rebuilding, but can we keep our favourite Finn?

The NHL trade deadline will be a balancing act for Kent Hughes

The decision to sell is easy. The rest will be more challenging.

Martin St. Louis keeps winning, and that’s just fine

How has the newest bench boss balanced the pressure of a rebuild with getting on-ice results?

The Montreal Canadiens may have just made the first move, but their intentions are clear

The organization didn’t have to trade Tyler Toffoli. The fact he’s the first one moved out speaks volumes.

Instant Reaction: What does Martin St. Louis bring to the Montreal Canadiens?

The Hockey Hall of Famer lacks extensive coaching experience, but might be exactly what the team needs.

The Canadiens should tread lightly if trading Artturi Lehkonen

The Finnish winger should have a higher price tag than most would expect.

BSM44: Enough is enough

The Montreal Canadiens are now on their bye week, which is the perfect time to make a change.

A coaching change isn’t as simple as it looks

After another big loss, the knives are out for Dominique Ducharme.

BSM41: “We’ll put this one in the garbage” and discard a valuable lesson in the process

A coach that refuses to learn from his team’s deficiencies shouldn’t be leading them through a rebuild.

Analytics did not exactly define the last Canadiens administration

A new approach should mean a more cohesive plan for building the Habs.

Can we get rid of fights after clean hits?

Players having to sit five minutes for a fight after a clean hit is getting old.

The NHL is setting a dangerous precedent during this COVID outbreak

The Habs never should have been on the ice in Florida on Saturday afternoon.

Canadiens need a coaching staff that understands the state of the team

The entire bench is aware of Montreal’s current standing, and yet nothing seems to be changing.

First women up: Some potential female candidates for Montreal’s front office

The Canadiens have mentioned hiring a woman in hockey operations. Here are some options.

A resurgent Artturi Lehkonen can be part of the Canadiens’ future

The Finnish winger has trade value, but maybe the Canadiens are better off holding onto him.

Boom and bust: 20 years of Trevor Timmins

Trevor Timmins certainly built a reputation as a scouting and drafting guru during the first half of his Montreal tenure. How much did he live up to it in the second half?

Short-term flashes against a growing darkness: Marc Bergevin’s tenure

The former general manager certainly had his wins, but his tenure is ultimately defined by a pervasive lack of long-term vision.

Hiring Jeff Gorton is a master stroke by Geoff Molson

The Canadiens owner thinks outside the box in order to try and improve the team.

Marc Bergevin’s future in the Canadiens organization is no longer up to him

The circumstances surrounding Scott Mellanby’s departure unveiled Bergevin’s fate.

The Canadiens need better guidance to turn their play around

Montreal is playing poorly, and right now there isn’t much to suggest a turnaround is imminent.


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