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Opinions and observations made during the course of the season

Jesperi Kotkaniemi’s Canadiens tenure can be defined by impatience

After only three years, the relationship ends. How did it get there?

Habsent Minded: Thoughts on a whirlwind day

From Jesperi Kotkaniemi’s exit to Christian Dvorak’s arrival, we have you covered with some initial reactions.

The Montreal Canadiens are using a three-tier system to build local talent at home

The Canadiens are building up locally at all levels of the organization.

Logan Mailloux’s selection is more proof that hockey is not for everyone

With an ongoing investigation in Chicago that no one in the organization can recall anything about, the Canadiens added another black mark to the top league’s reputation.

The Canadiens turned their back on everything they used to stand for

The decision to draft Logan Mailloux shows a lack of respect for the fanbase.

Carey Price showed his value in the playoffs. Now Seattle will weigh it.

Price waiving his no-movement clause is a risky move, even with his hefty contract and nagging injuries.

Projecting the Canadiens’ protection list for the expansion draft

We select a list of players we’d keep below deck when the Kraken comes calling.

The Canadiens’ Cup run will be defined by what they do next

The miracle run has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean it has to be for nothing.

Hope is a funny thing

No one expected anything from Montreal when the playoffs began. But a dream of reaching the summit slowly began to grow.

Marc Bergevin believed the Habs were contenders when nobody did

The Canadiens General Manager believed in his roster against all odds. He was right.

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

The unlikely semifinal-bound Canadiens are drawing inspiration from the year of their last championship.

The Canadiens’ path to victory is based on showing something new

If the Canadiens from the regular season show up, it won’t be close.

The playoffs are a chance to clear the fog surrounding the Canadiens

The ups and downs of the pandemic season have only raised more questions about the state of the team and its players.

Dominique Ducharme’s baffling decisions cost the Canadiens

He’ll have a hard time graduating from that interim status with decisions like these.

Call it boring, call it tactical, but Montreal’s overtime plan is working

The Habs overtime work continues to pay dividends late in the season.

You play to win the game: Why the playoffs are underrated and the draft is overrated

The playoff dilemma for bubble teams really isn’t a dilemma at all.

I have no idea what this Canadiens team is anymore

After a listless loss to Calgary, I’m at a loss for words again.

The greatest generation in women’s hockey history is being let down

While the players keep improving, those in charge keep leaving them behind.

The Canadiens need a change in leadership

Something has to give, and they already tried a coaching change.

Will Marc Bergevin do something drastic at the deadline?

The Canadiens appear to be dead in the water, and their general manager might be as well if he can’t spark a change.

Blaming Carey Price is the easy way out

The Canadiens lost a game they should have won, but it shouldn’t be on the goaltender.

Audentis Fortuna iuvat

Three-on-three overtime is no place for a conservative approach.

March 14: Canadiens should consider using draft capital for help at centre

Montreal has just enough depth in the key forward position to remain competitive, but one injury could significantly impact that status.

Ducharme needed to utilize his reserves better

Signing depth is great, unless you fail to take advantage of it in key situations.

Jeff Petry: (Still) a beast on the blue line

Six years after coming to Montreal, Petry is still a force.

The Canadiens promoted from within for the first time in a decade

Alex Burrows’s ascent is hopefully the start of a new trend.

So... Now what? - Thoughts on Wednesday’s changes

What we’re looking to see after the major coaching shake up.

Carey Price is no longer the elite goaltender he once was

It could be worth a look at the cold facts when we discuss the Canadiens’ most decorated star.

The Canadiens should strongly consider a coaching change

After a highly disappointing run, culminating in two losses to the lowly Senators, something has to change before it’s too late.

The Canadiens must soon decide what to do with Tomas Tatar

After being scratched against the Leafs, it’s worth wondering about the winger’s future with the Canadiens.

Tyler Toffoli’s defence has been just as key as his offence

So far this season, Toffoli has demonstrated his skills in various parts of his play.

Tatar’s healthy scratch is evidence that expectations have grown

In recent years, a slip in performance would be tolerable. But the Canadiens have designs on being the best.


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