Open Thread: The Habs are off tonight, but there's hockey on

The Montreal Canadiens are off tonight and tomorrow before their matchup with the hated, despicable Bruins, but there's a couple games on tonight that you might want to check out.

The Leafs play the Hurricanes tonight at 7:00PM EST, but it isn't nationally broadcast. If you have gamecenter or center ice, or live in Ontario, you can check that one out. An interesting note to that game is our running Phil Kessel without a goal clock, as he's nearing 310 days without potting one.

There are two nationally broadcast games tonight, with the Stars taking on the Avalanche at 9:00PM EST on TSN, and RDS broadcasting an all Canadian matchup between the Canucks and Oilers at 9:30PM EST. Alex Galchenyuk's buddy Nail Yakupov is on fire in Edmonton, so that's always interesting to watch.

Speaking of Phil Kessel, I was talking to Steve Farnham from AllHabs on twitter on Saturday and we bet 50 imaginary points on whether or not Kessel would score against the Bruins that night. Clearly I lost that bet, but in the spirit of betmanship (not a word), we decided it would be a fun thing to make bets all year for varying amounts on different hockey things. I'll be keeping the results in a spreadsheet and at the end of the year we'll see who wins.

For tonight, I bet that Kessel would score again. I figure that putting up the Kessel Clock™ has all but guaranteed this.

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