NHLPA votes to grandfather in visors

Beginning with the next season, the NHL will be grandfathering in visors for all new players.

The NHL Competition Committee has held a vote on making visors mandatory in the NHL, and while current NHLers will continue to have the choice in whether or not to wear them, new NHLers will have to keep their visors from junior.

The league made a similar transition when they brought in helmets, which is completely absurd when you think about it.

The decision is not yet official, since the NHL's board of governors has to approve it, but there's no reason why they would fail to approve this.

Other rule changes coming next year:

  • All 4 minute high sticking calls will be reviewed via video.
  • Nets will be more shallow to create more room for playmaking behind the goal line. (the change is all of 4 inches, so who cares?)
  • Hybrid icing will be tried in the NHL's preseason and may be used in the regular season./

It's a weird batch of rule changes, really. Only the icing change seems to be something that's in dire need of changing, and that's the one that they won't commit to. And if you're going to commit to video reviewing anything, why is it high sticking calls? Shouldn't it be something like head checks, or even just putting in a coach's challenge? Confusing.

What are your thoughts?

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