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[Updated] Marc Bergevin attends game between AHL affiliates of San Jose Sharks and Anaheim Ducks

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Days ahead of the trade deadline, the general manager of the Montreal Canadiens is making final offers for roster players for the 2015-16 NHL season.

Harry How/Getty Images

After the Montreal Canadiens defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs, Marc Bergevin, on the opposite side of the continent, took in the game between the AHL's San Jose Barracuda and San Diego Gulls.

With the deadline coming up on Monday afternoon, the GM will be looking to set his team up for the future, and perhaps that means adding a player in the system of one of the top two teams in the Western Conference over the past few seasons.

Or perhaps he was just taking in a hockey game while waiting for his team to arrive in San Jose for Monday night's game versus the San Jose Sharks, but where's the entertainment in that?

You can check out the San Diego Gulls roster and that of the San Jose Barracuda to speculate on who the Habs organization could be interested in. Perhaps the Gulls' Brandon Montour; a right-handed defencemen who leads the team in points, and ranks sixth in the league among rookies in production.

UPDATE: It seems that the Canadiens' Vice President of Player Personnel and Director of Amateur Scouting, Trevor Timmins, has also made the trip to San Jose [], so there could be something to this story beyond just a Saturday night out.