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NHL Trade Deadline Day Thread 2014

It's that special day of the year that promises to entertain us, yet forces us all to sit on our coaches watching James Duthie try desperately to entertain us as nothing happens. Welcome, to the trade deadline!

Ben Nelms

Welcome everyone, as we commence the annual hockey tradition of watching James Duthie juggle on television for about 8 hours as nothing happens. A lot of the rumoured names that were supposed to move on deadline day actually moved yesterday, so expect a relatively quiet deadline.

With that said, there's still players like Ryan Kesler of the Vancouver Canucks, Thomas Vanek of the New York Islanders, Matt Moulson and Christian Ehrhoff of the Buffalo Sabres, Ryan Callahan of the New York Rangers, Mike Cammalleri of the Calgary Flames, Marian Gaborik of the Columbus Blue Jackets, and maybe, possibly, Andrei Markov of our own Montreal Canadiens, up for grabs.

Heck, if half of those guys move it'll probably be the most exciting trade deadline of all time.

A lot of people who read this site won't be able to be around a TV, and for those who won't be able to watch, I've built a twitter list of trade breakers that will update live, right here on EOTP, so you don't have to go anywhere. There are no rumourists in there, just guys who post the actual trades.

We also have a live stream of TSN"s coverage for those without cable and in the USA:

Let's have some fun, eh?