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NHL Trade deadline 2014: Should the Habs target Martin St. Louis?

Let's get it over with. The most high value French Canadian target reportedly available. Obviously the name St. Louis begs to be discussed among Canadiens fans, so let's discuss.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, yes. Martin St. Louis coming to Montreal would be huge for this team both on and off the ice. He's having an excellent year, which includes an Olympic gold medal, and he would be loved by the media and fans in Quebec. This is a move that could be huge for the season, as the Habs are playing pretty bad right now, and could use a kick in the ass.

I've never been big on believing in a supposed need for French Canadian players, I'm about getting better. Martin St. Louis, while aged, he has proven this year that he can still produce at a high level, so his value is far more than the fact that his name rolls off the tongue in French. But you can't deny this: the guy from Laval gets left home for the Olympics by his own GM of a team where he's Captain. Asks for a trade. Goes home to play for the Montreal Canadiens, currently a playoff team. That's a story I want to see played out really bad.

Through 61 games, St. Louis has 60 points; 29 goals and 31 assists. He continues to impress night in and night out, without the benefit of his superstar teammate Steven Stamkos. At 38, He only has one year left on his existing contract. I don't think there's enough of an argument to be made that he'll be all that less productive next season. As long as we can make it fit in the cap, this is an excellent acquisition.

Alas, as much as I am enamoured with the idea of St. Louis donning la Sainte Flanelle, I don't see it. According to capgeek, the Canadiens deadline cap space will be able to afford it, but I'm afraid the cost will be more than Bergevin will be willing to give up. I mean, if Steve Yzerman was a guy I thought would be cool trading St. Louis for Bourque or Briere straight up, I'd be optimistic. But he put together two consecutive gold medal winning Olympic hockey teams. He ain't that dumb.

Is it possible, yes. But who among us would be willing to see Brendan Gallagher, Alex Galchenyuk, or Lars Eller going the other way? I know I wouldn't. I'm not delusional, I know that Yzerman is going to have a high asking price and based on recent history I don't see Marc Bergevin as being the guy to walk him down to a price that I, as a fan, could swallow. I already wrote a post explaining that we should expect very little, and that is likely to be the case when it comes to St. Louis.

It's a move I love in many ways, and I do have a sliver of hope that it could happen. But, my suspected asking price is more than I can expect to see happen. It will either be a couple of NHL ready prospects, or a package of one player and several higher round draft picks. Historically, the Canadiens don't tend to move big names, and especially not draft picks at deadline time. That being said, I don't see how Bergevin will be able to concoct a sexy enough package to lure Yzerman into giving him St. Louis.

There is no argument I could accept that denies the advantage of getting St. Louis. That being said, there are many valid arguments against moving the guys I suspect will be requested. I want St. Louis, but I doubt that Habs Brass would be willing to give up the things I suspect will be asked for.

No matter on your opinion of this article, you know the rumours will fly come Wednesday.