NHL Trade Deadline - Ryan O'Byrne acquired by the Maple Leafs

We have a trade to announce...

In a bid to corner the market on former Habs who were propped up by Andrei Markov in his prime, the Toronto Maple Leafs have acquired Ryan O'Byrne from the Colorado Avalanche.

I'm assuming that a trade for Sheldon Souray is in the works, maybe even Craig Rivet.

O'Byrne was acquired in exchange for a 4th round pick, and will hopefully give Randy Carlyle an excuse to sent Jake Gardiner back down to the AHL.

O'Byrne played extreme tough minutes last season in a sacrificial role, but this year he's seen lighter zone starts at just 48% and and middling competition, yet remained the Avalanche's worst possession player.

For freakouts and anger about this trade, check out Pension Plan Puppets.

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