NHL Realignment approved, Eller Goes Beast Mode (and other links)

Your collection of fine links for the afternoon.

So, Lars Eller went crazy last night, eh? He scored at even strength, fired 7 EV shots on goal, had a chance differential of + 6, and was plus 19 (!) on Corsi (29 events for/10 events against), all in fewer than twelve minutes of even strength ice time. Off the top of my head, I can't think of a better performance by an individual Hab this season. Factor in his ridiculously low salary, a cap hit of $1,325,000, which makes Ben Eager a comparable, and it's hard not to love the Great Dane.

In summary, Eller is awesome and the Habs are enjoying phenomenal success, still sitting atop the eastern conference and sporting a four game winning streak. Here are a collection of links that will hopefully keep the good times rolling:

Habs News and Analysis:

General News and Analysis

Archive Material and EOTP News

  • I don't want to tip the hand of senior management, but an individual season review for a certain Russian defenseman is coming down the pipe. Why not take a look at some of these fine articles about said defenseman?
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